Many people celebrated the date October 21, 2015 as “Back to the Future day”. This date was the day in the movie that Marty, Doc and Jenny arrived in the future to fix Marty and Jenny’s future.

This movie trilogy is unarguably one of the coolest and memorable movies of all time. It may not be scientifically as accurate as other sci-fi movies but it’s surely entertaining.

I must admit that I want to ride the hype about this special date and the movie but I’m millennium late for my deadline. But I still continued on my writing and (endless) editing because I think it’s still important although it’s theoretical.

I’m a big fan of science and that includes time travelling. It fascinates me. But I got excited and more curious when science declared that time travelling is possible, but only to the future and not to the past. They already burned the bridge to the past. They said it’s impossible.

And this is the reason why I decided to write about it here. Time traveling is slowly becoming a reality. Scientists now have ideas on how we can do it. Unlike before when Hollywood was the only one who knows how to do it. They just build a weird machine that full of colorful lights and buttons.

Since the idea is materializing, will it really happen? Will we really travel through time and see our future? Will we see our older selves in the future like in the movies? And since we didn’t saw flying cars and hover boards today, are we going to see these things in the future?

For Christians, God is the authority above of all. We always (and should be) considering His will on everything. He is aware of what is happening because He either did it or allowed it. And because of this, one (important) question came up to my mind.

Will God allow it?

This question came up to my mind because time travelling will also hit biblical events. And why is this a big deal? And why God wouldn’t allow it?

What if you visit an important biblical event where you can make an influence and change the course of the entire human history? What if you go as far as the time of Adam and Eve? Will you influence Eve to change her decision so we could still be living on paradise today? Will God allow you to do it? Will God even allow you to see these things?

There are only two good reasons why God would allow us to see His works in the past and that is to give us visual proof of His existence and the authenticity of the Bible, and to build stronger faith for believers. But I think that these two reasons are still not enough for God to let us see the past.

No guarantee

Although time travelling will prove the Bible and could lead people towards God and strengthen the faith of the believers, it is still not a guarantee to have belief and stronger faith.

But why? You may be thinking that if only you will see a miracle, or hear God’s voice, you will believe or you will have stronger faith and work aggressively to share the Gospel to anyone. Don’t worry, every body’s thinking the same way, including me.

But if we will use the Bible as a reference, seeing these miracles will not guarantee that it will put steroids on your faith and will believe.

Remember the Israelites on the wilderness when they escaped from Egypt? They saw the wondrous miracle of God through Moses which is the parting of the sea. If I were there or see that happen right now, I may tremble and pray so hard and loud and text all my families and friend and tell them about Jesus. Ok, I’ll call them.

Super Book

But what happened to them afterwards? They complained and wished to return back on Egypt. Their reason was that at least they were fed there. They did this while they are still experiencing God’s miracle by having shade on day time and light at night time. They also received bread from heaven every day. After all these, they still managed to worship a golden calf when they celebrated their freedom.

Another reference is at the time of Jesus. Jews already saw His miracles. He healed lepers, He made blind people to see, He walked on the water and tamed the weather, and they all heard His teachings.

But what happened when He was put on trial? They rather see Barabbas freed than Him. They nailed Him to cross like a criminal.

After seeing our Lord walked on the water and made him too, tamed the weather, and made him catch a boat-load of fish after a failed attempt, Peter still able to deny our Lord.

Do you think that you are a better believer than the Israelites and the Jews? Do you think that you have stronger faith than Peter?

However, if we will move out of the Bible and use modern history as a reference. It will not still guarantee that people will believe.

If a time traveler will come back and tell us that everything in the Bible are real, with visual evidences like selfies and videos, lots of people may believe, at first.

But also remember that there are always skeptics and conspiracy theorists. They are the ones who have wild imaginations who act like they know everything. They are the “smart ones” who will not let the government or secret societies outsmart them.

They will just say that the evidences of the authenticity of the Bible are just crafted to fool people. It’s as easy as that.

One best example is the man’s first landing on the moon. It was seen by millions of Americans on national TV. It was historical and declared as a giant leap on human technology. But after a half decade, lots of people are saying that it was fake. They are saying that the landing on the moon was staged, taken on the studio somewhere in the US.

If they can doubt something that has happened just 60 years ago, how much more an event that happened 2 to 6 thousand years ago?

Interfering God’s will

If God allowed you to see the biblical history, there is a big chance that you may interfere or unintentionally change the history if not intentionally. And changing a thing as far as that in history, even a small act would result a great ripple effect in our present.

And the bible would be messed up and may lose its sense.

Another problem with intentionally changing the past just like the first example on influencing Eve not to eat the fruit is to disregard the wisdom and authority of God. God let these things happened and we’re not in the position to decide what must be done. John the Baptist is not even worthy to untie the Lord’s shoe laces. (Luke 3:16)

It will destroy what was said in the Bible

So far I’ve been only discussing traveling back in time. But how about traveling to the future? No past will be changed. So how come it will still messed up the Bible? And again, science already declared that it’s possible to travel in the future and it could happened anytime soon. This looks like a good picture, isn’t it?

Well, what will happen if you travel to the future? Remember that the Bible also contains prophecies and already declared what will happen in the future. So it means that proving the Bible can not only be done by witnessing the past but also the future, right?

So let’s say you travel into the future, on the time when Jesus came. Do you know what will happen? At first, it may seem an ideal scenario that after proving that Jesus will return, you can return back to warn the people that Jesus will surely return and that we must repent.

But what will happen to the Bible? Remember that Jesus Himself told us in Matthew 24:36 that no one knows when He will return. Not even Himself or the angels. Only the Father.

If you’ll know when Jesus will come by seeing it in the future, then you will disprove the truth on the Bible. And what you will make of Jesus? You’ll just make Him a false prophet.

Other time travel theories

The time traveling kind that we discussed is the Back to the Future kind of time traveling. It is time traveling and being physically present at the past or the future. Where you can interact with local people. But how about if you can time travel and be present like a ghost? Like you’re just seeing the events but you cannot be seen by people or interact with. It’s like in Interstellar where he can just see the events on window-like views.

Again, these things are seeking beliefs through seeing. And where is faith in that?

When Thomas believed after he saw Jesus alive, Jesus was not impressed when he believed and immediately said that blessed who didn’t saw but believed. (John 20:29)

Through faith, not by sight

God has His own way for us to believe and that is by faith and not by sight. People wants to see first before we believe. Even sometimes we already seen it but still not believe. But God wants us to believe first, then we will be able to see.

Seeing is not a guarantee to believe and build faith. Even if we see miracles, it is not enough. People tend to forget everything important. This is why we have to be repeatedly reminded every Sunday of the things that truly matters.


This makes me conclude that going to church is more important than time traveling. The Bible already contains the past and the future. Marty and Doc’s DeLorean will only take you on the past and in the future of our time here on earth. But the Bible tells us what’s beyond our life here, our eternity.

time travel

If I’m excited with the idea of time traveling, I’m more excited with the word of God. Not only it tells me about the past and the future. It also instructs me how to have the best future.

For the question of God will allow time traveling? I believe He will not. Aside from the damage it can cause, it is not important for our salvation and faith.

And while time traveling can mess up the Bible, remember that Jesus made a final statement: “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away” (Matthew 24:35). It means only one thing; that the Bible contains the final words.