givingI love reading memes. Whenever I have time, I browser my favorite website for funny memes. It help me relieve stress for a while. I love funny things.

Memes are reality told in a funny way. I’m sure you can relate to them as much as I do. They are also an expression of our own thoughts. Some maybe exaggerating, or just made to be funny. But there are almost always truth in every meme.

One day, I stumbled on a picture with dialogue words (or subtitles. I don’t know what you call this.) It’s an interview with Bill Gates.

In this image, Bill Gates made a great explanation about what is giving or what makes it more valuable. (Please read the image at the side to see his statement.)

I saw this statement having similarity with what Jesus said about giving to churches.

In the Bible, when Jesus sat near the temple’s treasury after He taught, He started to observed people who are giving the treasury (yes, He is looking while we give in the church.) While He sees rich people giving, what draws His attention, and admiration, is the poor widow.

He said, “Verily I say unto you, That this poor widow hath cast more in, than all they which have cast into the treasury:

 44 For all they did cast in of their abundance; but she of her want did cast in all that she had, even all her living.(Mark 12:41-44)

We may be impressed by the rich’s generosity but the amount that they give may not have even created a dent in their earnings.

What is tens of thousands of dollars in billion dollars? They may give five figures in the church but still able to keep their mansions, sports cars, designer’s clothes, and eat a tasty meal when they go home.

But the poor who may have given a single digit dollar, which could be included his meal for the day and his savings for the whole month, has obviously done a great sacrifice.

On my opinion and observation, giving is measured based on sacrifice, not on the amount.

In our terms, gifts must be appreciated in a way that the giver has given effort and time to think of what gifts to give us, shop for it, and even make it presentable by wrapping it on beautiful wrappers. They also sacrificed an amount which supposedly can be added to their allowance to buy a more special meal or some relaxation or entertainment, or to add to their savings.  We must also appreciate the thoughtfulness and importance someone has given us.

This is what God sees in our church giving. Although money is really used to pay bills and buy for the needs of the church but God appreciate the giving because of the sacrifice we make for Him, and add to this is our obedience in His law and our faith.

It takes a lot of faith to give your last meal when you don’t have or see any guarantee that it will be back to you.

Sacrifice means nothing but love. In order for you to sacrifice, you must have love. And for me, this is the essence of giving.