While man’s values change in the course of time, do Christians must adjust standards too according to current trends, views and discoveries? Does God’s words and standards will still be relevant in the present time?

The Miss Universe pageant organizers has recently sparked controversy by allowing trans genders to compete in the pageant. Some people agreed especially the bisexual groups and some disagreed.

I was surprised when I read it in the newspaper. The prestigious pageant is exclusive for women. The pageant has become a symbol of beauty and womanhood. In fact, winning the crown means being the most beautiful woman in the universe. And I think allowing trans genders to compete in the pageant has corrupted its credibility. Imagine a transgender winning over a genuine woman on beauty pageant? It’s not just hilarious, but a complete disrespect to women.

I didn’t mean that gays and trans genders must not be given any opportunities and place in our society. It’s just that things have their own places in this world. Men have their own place. No matter how you try to give an effort to be a woman or a man, you can never change what God has done. You may achieve what you like and deceive people with your outer looks but what you really are remains the same. This same goes with cloning. You cannot play god and duplicate what He had done.

Another point that surfaced in this matter is that people’s standard change. This circumstance is impossible 20 years ago. What is wrong yesterday could be right tomorrow. Our values is just becoming like fashion and trend; fast changing.

I even heard a preacher on TV when he talks about whether God would accept someone’s good deeds while he’s doing something bad. The example was what if company of tobacco or liquor runs a foundation for poor people. The preacher’s answer was it’s still unacceptable. But he pointed out that selling tobacco or liquor nowadays is normal. It is today’s norm to sell these products especially for grocery stores.

I would like to make a point that while man’s standard can change through time, God’s law and standard don’t change. What He said should be obeyed for eternal. If He ordered us to take care of our bodies because it is His temple, then we must take care of our bodies for a lifetime.

Aren’t you glad that God don’t change? He is an ever-loving God, the same as before until the end of time. We can trust Him and count on His promises.