The carpentry job is not one of the most appealing jobs in the world. We consider it as a low to average-wage job. And aside from being a physical, hard-laboring job, it is not one of the most respectable, compared to managerial, entrepreneurial, etc. Our society pays more money and importance on Professional jobs rather than Skilled jobs.

Long time ago, I wasn’t giving much importance to carpenters too. I considered them as ordinary people, living in an ordinary house, blocks away from ours. Children usually dream of becoming a doctor, a scientist, a police, a soldier or a president of the country. I have yet to hear a child who wants to become a carpenter, much more a parent who will let their child to dream to become one.

But when I became a Christian, my perspective suddenly changed. I realized that it wasn’t such a lowly profession after all. Not only we have to respect each people’s decent jobs, but I also realized that carpentry is the profession of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus grew up as a carpenter because His earthly father, Joseph, is a carpenter. It is the usual system, that the son follows his father’s path, including careers.

Even in His time, carpentry is not an extravagant career. So Jesus, before He began His ministry, is just an ordinary man, a carpenter, who accepts projects from His customers.

You might be wondering why God chose carpentry to be the profession of His Son on His incarnation here on earth.
Why God didn’t chose a more respectable career for His Son to make His ‘job’ easier. Or make His parents-to-be rich before He was conceived, if the couple (Mary and Joseph) is really righteous, and irreplaceable.

In man’s view, Jesus would have gain more followers and believers if He was a son of a king and eventually will become one, or even an equally position in life would do the trick, being a politician or a rich man.
He can even be recorded in the world’s history and be an undisputed king and ruler and settle His genuine existence.

His riches and power will definitely influence thousands of people on His land. He can hire teachers and good speakers to preach His teachings and doctrines. He can spend for writers to publish His teachings and reach more people.

So why God did chose a humble career and life for His Son and suffers the rejection and persecutions?
The following list is just my perception. But it might also work for you, so, read on.

God wants to tell us that earthly riches and power are not important in our lives.

This is just to show to us that earthly riches and power should not be the main pursuit of our lives. Jesus already told us that “…seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” – Mathew 6:33

King Solomon already profited from this teaching. God made King Solomon to wish for whatever his desire and King Solomon asked for wisdom, instead of ‘long life, riches, nor the life of his enemies’ – 1Kings 3:11. His wish pleased God so much and He gave it to King Solomon. And not only that! God also gave King Solomon what he didn’t ask for! Riches, honor and insurmountable understanding ‘that there was none like thee before thee, neither after thee shall any arise like unto thee.’—1 Kings 3:13

Sometimes, we feel insignificant when we’re broke. But we must always remember that money and status in life must not become the measurement of our living. It is how we live our God-given lives and how we spend it that matters.

Jesus serves not only as our savior, but as our model as well. He didn’t lived on a luxurious life in spite of being the Son of God. As a model, He also served the apostles by washing their feet on John 13:1-17. We can follow Him on this aspect by not prioritizing earthly riches and by serving one another.

God wants to display His power.

Where do you think will you witness God’s power in these two scenarios?

1. Jesus lived as a rich and mighty king of a Jewish land and did a lot of learning and studies and became famous and gained followers as much as today.

2. Jesus lived as a humble and ordinary man, unknown in society, grew up to be the Greatest Teacher in the world and became an icon, and gained followers as much as today.

We will never appreciate God’s power if what happened was the former. But instead, we will recognize the power and might of Jesus’ earthly status as being a king. It is understandable that He will be famous and will gain thousands of followers when He is a king.

But as a humble and ordinary carpenter, that became the most important man in the world, that will be beyond our understanding and will surely appreciate the God-in-work.

We will never acknowledge God’s power on Matthew’s immediate response to Jesus’ calling if Jesus is wearing a crown and a cape and having a dozens of armies with Him when He called Matthew. Of course, he will follow right away.

But with one call with simple words of “Follow me” from a humble carpenter, and resulted on an immediate response, we will see the power of God, working here.

And the best of it all, we will never acknowledge God’s power if the story, the works and the words of the Jewish king, Jesus, will be remembered forever. As they said, “The king’s words cannot be broken”, so as it is logically that His country will treasure their king’s mementos.

But right now, Christians can shout and witness that Jesus, despite of being an ordinary man, is a true and living God because His words continues to live and prevail against time and persecutions.

So what best displays the power of God?

1. Jesus as a Jewish king, gained thousands of followers.

2. Jesus as Carpenter, who gained billions of followers.

But why God chose carpentry as a profession for His Son? Why not as a helper? Or a low-ranking soldier, (or whatever)?

Because carpentry, based on my perception, can be considered as one of the most wonderful profession in the world. Why? Because carpentry is building. It can be associated with one of the nature of God’s being, a Creator. Though carpentry is not in the essence creating, but building, but it is the closest thing that can be associated with the work of His Father.

And I’m sure, Jesus is the best carpenter in the world, because Jesus did everything that His Father told Him, with His whole heart. Being an honest and perfectionist carpenter, who can be a greater one?

For me, being a carpenter is an honor. Carpenters have the same job as our Lord Jesus. They do the same thing what Jesus did 2,000 years ago. They experience the pain and fatigue the same as Jesus had when He was working. They also have a similarity on creativity, skill and thinking because of the nature of their work.
Carpentry, though a humble job, is a decent and wonderful career. It is something that you can be proud of.

You are co-workers of Jesus.

So who wants to be a carpenter?