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Is Your Pastor A Scammer?

How do you feel every time you give your offering to the church? Do you feel robbed? How many times you have been offended every time the offering was discussed? I understand that most people are uncomfortable to discuss their… Continue Reading →

Pacquiao’s Victory

No, this is not a late post that congratulates Manny Pacquiao on his bout against Bradley. This is about Pacquiao’s fight vs Marquez. But this is not a “Pacquiao the true winner, Marquez the cheater” article. However painful it is… Continue Reading →

Magic and Miracles

Despite of His omnipotence, God chooses to perform His miracle through His people. He wants us to cooperate and be part of His works. We must be willing to be a channel to experience His miracle. Although God is certainly able to perform miracles on His own, but I believe that miracle is also God’s way to reward people who deserve it.

Why Christians Experience Suffering

Are you wondering sometimes that despite being a faithful Christian, you still experience suffering? After all what you’ve done, (going to Church, sharing the word of God, worshipping God,) your effort seems not enough and God is not recognizing it…. Continue Reading →

Does Your Circumstances Define Your Status As A Christian?

Last time, I wrote about Christians having problems. I portray it as a storm. I made an example from the verse of the Bible: Matthew 14:22-33 which tells the story of the Apostle Peter when he walked on the sea… Continue Reading →

The Power of Faith

Faith is one of the most important elements that the Bible tells us. By faith, we were saved. “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God” – Ephesians 2:8… Continue Reading →

Storm In Our Lives

We often experience storms in our lives. Even the Lord Jesus and His disciples experienced problems in their lives despite of being in the Lord’s presence. In fact, they experienced a lot more and stronger storms than we do. They… Continue Reading →

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