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How Does Envying Relates To Immaturity For A Christian?

I understand that because of their immaturity, kids act unreasonable most of the times. But I just realized that I’m no different from my toddler. When my two-year-old son heard a familiar song outside our house, he immediately wanted to… Continue Reading →

Reasons In Continuing Serving the Lord

Being a Christian is not an exemption to suffering, sickness, and problem. And there are even times that we ask why in spite of serving the Lord, He allows these hardships to happen in our lives because we faithfully claim… Continue Reading →

Does Christianity Encourages Competition?

Julien Smith is one of my favorite bloggers. I’m a subscriber of his blog In Over Your Head, which discuss about life and how to make it, and yours, better. His latest posts made me realize (or remind) how even… Continue Reading →


Our Lord Jesus already gave warn to His disciples and to the future Christians of persecutions. These warnings can be considered as one of His prophecies that was fulfilling until our time. Our Lord Himself experienced these persecutions: “…ye know… Continue Reading →

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