I would like to share my first ever experience or awareness of Jesus Christ. It is on my childhood, as I remember every time rainy days come, me and my mom watch this animated series from Japan (animé) called Superbook.

I really enjoyed watching this animated series because it featured time travelling, a scientist and a robot companion. With these entertaining features, I also managed to enjoy the biblical stories as well. I remember, I always enjoy or laugh every time Gizmo (the robot) stop. He’s an old-fashioned toy robot that has to wind up for some period of time. And in most cases, this happens during the times of troubles. This has added more excites and thrill on the story.

There is also another animé that looks the same as Superbook. Actually, it’s Superbook’s sister animation called Flying House. While Superbook is about the book that enables time travelling for the story’s characters, Flying House is about the time travelling flying house, both taking the main characters to the time of our Lord Jesus.

They have, some time, interactions with bible characters and witness the bible stories themselves.

Then there is current soon-to-be release of Superbook from CBS’ The 700 Club, in which they uses modern computer graphics that will surely adopt to the current and modern children of this day.

I believe this is a great tool and a great start to introduce children to Christ and Bible stories. Children at a very young age, should already be aware of our Lord and mold them into a true servant of Christ.