Every people are seeking meaning to life whatever faith he has or whether he believes in God or not. We know that there has to be a reason why we are here. We know that we are not just a product of random evolution and a simple product of nature’s procreation. We know deep inside, however strongly we deny, that there is a High Power that put us where we are now and gave us purpose and mission.

Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life is the best book that I have read that talks about life’s purpose. He explained it very clear and simple as it is and should be. The book is also non-doctrinal, which means, every Christian sect or denomination can learn and apply the book in their life. While reading the book, I never found a questionable explanation or sentence that could be a contradict to the bible, unlike other Christian books that I had read which has content that doesn’t coincide with the bible.

The book’s content is already revealed to us for a long time by conservative Christian preachers; life’s purpose is to serve and please God. But Rick Warren has the talent to explain it to the manner that we can relate to it in this generation. We will learn how to serve and please God in our everyday life and through simple works. Of course, the best book to read to learn life’s purpose and how to serve and please God is still the bible.

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