If you are a Christian who wants to learn to play musical instrument but don’t know where to start, then you just took your perfect first step by reading this page.

Or if you’re a parent who wants your kids to be a musician, then you’ve come to the right and safest place.

But if you’re already a musician who wants to develop your skills, you can also benefit in this page.

I’m a musician. I can play guitar and keyboard but I’m more of a guitarist. I took up Conservatory of Music in College.

As a Christian, we know how important the music in the ministry. I haven’t seen a church yet without a music ministry. We know that Music is another form of worship.

And as a musician, one of my greatest goals is to use my talent in the ministry. It’s very rewarding to know that your fellow Christians are blessed with the music you make. And you also became an instrument to prepare the brethren’s spirits and their hearts for the most important part of the worship which is the preaching.

I have experienced a lot of struggles just to learn to play guitar. In my days, there is no internet yet. We rely on cassette tapes, music books and our ears.

Today’s generation is so blessed to have easy access with information and learning materials.

If you are like me, who is eager to become a musician, loves music, and have the desire to be used in the church ministry, then this will be your starting point.

As a musician, I know the important things to learn to play musical instruments. I also know the most effective method for you to learn fast and easy. And I know what you should learn stage by stage.

While browsing the internet, I stumbled on the guitar tutorial website called Worship Guitar Class by Jean Welles. And I found out that it does all of the things I mentioned above.

The Jean Welles Worship Guitar Class™ are 4 DVD guitar lessons that contains from beginners to advanced guitar tutorials. You can buy it individually. But if you buy it in bundle, you will receive a $40 worth of eBooks for FREE.

Jean Welles Worship Guitar Class

The free eBooks has the following titles:

Tips, Tricks & Exercises for Great Guitar Technique

Guitar TechniqueIn this DVD, you will be taught how to play like a professional. It will teach you how to:

  • Play comfortably for long hours without pain and fatigue.
  • Move easily and fast across the fretboard.
  • Enjoy your lessons.


Favorite Hymns for Guitar

Favorite Hymns For Guitar Ebook

This is a downloadable eBook in PDF format. It includes 6 songs with picking patterns and strumming, and stories behind the songs.

Songs include:

  • Blessed Assurance
  • Have Thine Own Way
  • My Jesus I Love Thee
  • It is Well With My Soul
  • When I Survey The Wondrous Cross
  • I Know That My Redeemer Lives


200+ Chord Charts with Pictures and more.

200+ Chord Charts and Pictures

This includes complete chord variations and scales.

  • The root of each chords.
  • The slash chords (main over bass chords) and how to identify the bass note on the guitar.
  • Open chords and movable chords.


Chord Charts with Pictures for 5 Major Keys + How to use this Guide Book

Chord Charts

This book includes easy guitar keys and how to use it to transpose or write songs.


Now, you may ask, what makes the Jean Welles Worship Guitar Class™ different from the ones available for free on YouTube?

First, the Worship Guitar Class has everything you need to learn guitar. It comes with books, chord charts with pictures, famous Christian hymns for guitar, and tips, tricks and exercises, compares to the video alone in YouTube. Although you can also find other materials online but you have to search diligently and separately. But in this bundle, it all comes in one purchase.

Second, the songs and lessons are targeted for Christian students. You will learn how to play the exact Christian song that you want to learn.

Third, since it’s Christian, your child doesn’t have to learn to play guitar through worldly music. And you don’t have to fear that your child might enticed on the spirit of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll. This is why I mentioned at the beginning that this is the safest place for your children to learn music.

Buying a DVD music lesson is one of the best investment you could ever make. Through DVD lessons, you can learn to play guitar in the comfort of your home and in your own pace. You can easily choose the best time to learn and practice. You can finish it faster or slower if you want to fully digest the lessons, without paying excess amount compares to hiring a music instructor that you will pay per hour, not per lesson.

And another thing is that, the DVD lesson you bought can be passed on to the members of your family; with your kids, your grand kids, and so on, as long as there’s available DVD player. The Music Theory is always the same. It never changes. What theory that Beethoven follows hundreds of years ago, it is the same that we uses today. The same with the technique on learning to play musical instruments. The techniques that they use to teach in the 60s and 70s are the same we uses today.

Music is not Science in which there are new information and discoveries every year. Music has been the same for hundreds or thousands of years. Only the instruments changes.

The Jean Welles Worship Guitar Class™ was being used and trusted by over 70 Christian churches worldwide. It is also available in English and Spanish.

And they don’t just offer guitar lessons. They also offer keyboard lessons.

Try it now. They even offer a 1-year money-back guarantee. Yes you read it right. It’s not a typo. They are so confident that they will let you return the DVDs you purchased if you think it’s no use for you.

Being able to play musical instrument is a wonderful experience. And may I repeat, it’s so blessed to be used in the ministry. And who knows? A hobby can turn into a career!

Just don’t forget, once you learned to play musical instruments, make yourself a part of your church’s music ministry. He gave you that talent, and it’s time to give thanks by being part of His works.

More testimonials and videos in her website: Worship Guitar Class

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