Recently, I participated in a religious/spiritual forum on LinkedIn. I managed to share my thoughts on fellow Christians and non-believers. Note that some of these non-believers don’t only believe in Jesus’ salvation, lots of them are anti-God as well.

I’m already aware that there are people that don’t believe in God or in Jesus. But the Internet introduces me to actual Atheists. It is both shocking and frustrating every time I read and see their pictures because one time, when I was browsing, I came in this Atheist website that contains pictures of them wearing black T-shirt with a print of an anti-God phrase. Although their pictures shows like they were helping in communities, but I find the anti-God statements very offending. I also read some statements in the forum of, where aside from music topics, there is this forum section where we could talk about anything else including spiritual or religion.

Reading or hearing anti-God or anti-Christ statements makes me want to share my faith and knowledge in an instant while having the mix feelings of enthusiasm and upset. And while sharing your faith, these feelings will slowly turn into frustration. It is quite frustrating that they don’t want to receive God’s love for them. It is frustrating that they don’t want to receive the truth but rather believe in their own understanding.

But what I felt that made me victorious was that, even if I didn’t convert any Atheists to become a Christian, is that I didn’t show any frustration and disrespect. Unlike almost all the Atheist that I encounter who displays disrespect toward Christians and our faith and from whom you can hear words like“stupid Christians”, “stupid faith”, “imaginary God”, and other inconsiderate and offending words. And aside from inconsiderate words, they also show ungodly attitude (no wonder) and can easily show irritation. But I’m not surprised with their attitude because they don’t have a perfect God that directs their lives. What they have to guide them is their heart and their own spirit, whether it’d be sinful or not.

I said victorious because it is me whom I have to deal with first. I have to deal with my sinful nature first such as impatience that could lead to frustration, irritation, and disrespect, and could lead to offending unbelievers instead of receiving the blessing.

This is my advice to other Christians as well on dealing with unbelievers: be patient, be Godly, slow in judgment, be kind and be cool. Our job is to plant the seeds. Let’s leave the growing of the seeds to God.