Do you know about the boiling frog syndrome? It is about boiling a frog gradually. You don’t do it by putting the frog on a water that is already boiling or hot because it will immediately jump out of the water. You put the frog on the water while it’s still cold. As the water gradually heat, the frog adjusts to the water’s temperature and wouldn’t notice that he’s already getting boiled.

It is the same with sin. From the start, we’re not aware that we’re already doing it. Everything is just a taste, an adventure, for the sake of having fun. Everything is under control, as you thought.

Until the taste and little adventure won’t satisfy you anymore. And you crave for more. As your body gets immunized with the substances and lifestyle you live, your conscience gets numb and your morality decreases.

And the simple and innocent fun gets worse. But you’re well adjusted, or numb, to even notice it, much more admit it. As you thought you’re just living your life, normally. Just like a frog enjoying its water but unaware of the danger.

As you enjoy your life, make sure that you’re not being boiled alive.

To secure your safety, check the word of God. It has complete guide on how to live and enjoy our life. It will warn you to avoid the comfort and cradle of sin.

There’s also a saying that goes like this: “Sin is like a credit card: Enjoy now, Pay later.”

Sin is like a credit card