Learn to adjust the sail on a storm and learn how to take advantage of the strong wind.

Last Thursday, me and my wife took a time-off from work and had one of the most memorable times of my life.

My wife made a reservation on a resort hotel for summer treat. Although it is already summer, it still raining hard for days. And the humorous fate made it rain hard the day we went off, non-stop! The weather gave the simple rain a stormy impression; dark clouds, cold winds, and non-stop rain.

On our way to the resort, my wife, Cherry, almost lost her excitement.., and cool. But I managed to remind her that it will still going to be a great day for us.

What keeps my enthusiasm was that we don’t usually go out of town for a vacation. And the rain will give us a different experience; a cold, sun-burn-less splash in the pool.

Although it’s going to ruin our photo shoot, I’m certain that it will not do the same for the day. I definitely know how to splash and enjoy the rain.

Many people get sad and feel gloomy when it rains. They consider it as a negative side of the weather or sunny day. But we also must consider that there are lots of good things that are happening when it rains. It is the time to feed the soil which feeds the plants. It is giving back which was taken from the sea and continues the cycle to provide a healthy ecosystem.

I love the rain as early as I could remember. It is the time to stay inside the house and relax, have a cooler feeling, nice time to lie down in bed and sleep, or read a book, or have a movie marathon on DVD or HBO.

The rain may prevent us from going outside and enjoy the nature, mingling with friends, and other things that we enjoy in the sun, but we can also find interesting ways to enjoy the rain.

How about you? How do you enjoy the rain? Share your unique and interesting ways to enjoy the rain.

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image: My Adventures

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