flowerLast Sunday when I attended our worship service, I saw a former church-mate from the church I left years ago. I was surprised to see him on my current church but I was delighted. I immediately grabbed his hands and shake it and greeted him. I asked him what’s up with life and on the other church and we had a brief conversation.

As a Christian, it is always a pleasure to see and be with fellow Christians. Seeing an ally in faith and a co-worker for Christ gives me the strength and inspiration knowing that these faces are the same faces that you will see in heaven.

Being with fellow Christians also gives me the feeling of security. Security from sin, although not completely prevents me from sinning but being with them minimizes the committing of sin. They also give me security from depression and hopelessness because they keep reminding me that God is with me always. They magnify God’s grace and help give me strength in the midst of troubles and problems.

Being with Christians also encourage me to do God’s commandments because I admit, naturally, it still takes effort for me to pray, go to church, and read the bible. With them, these tasks make it more easier.

There is a saying that burning coils keep each others burning. This is true in Christians lives. Our presence alone can inspire fellow Christians. This is also the reason why it is important that we have to gather every Sunday. It is not only to hear God’s words but to strengthen each other (Hebrews 10:25).

A time will come when we get to heaven that we will have overflowing of joy when we see faces that we recognize. We will be happy for each other knowing that we will be living for eternal with no harm, no sorrow, no fear, and no sin.

image by: My Adventures