Saint NicholasWhether we admit it or not, it is the struggle every Christmas. Jesus is struggling to get our attention from Father Christmas. We might be acknowledging Jesus as the reason for Christmas, but He is seldom found and mentioned in this holiday. We see Christmas trees, greetings, gifts, toys, foods, discounts, and thousands of Santa Claus. It’s like celebrating the birthday with the red clown without the Celebrant.

As the whole world is now celebrating the event, everybody is excited with Christmas. Everybody and everyplace are busy. It is visible through a jam-packed shopping malls and supermarkets, and long traffics. We are busy with preparing parties, reunions, and vacations. We do our best not to forget a soul to be given a gift. The season has passed, the events has ended, and our loved ones has been given presents, but we haven’t thanked the Father for His love to us by giving His only Son, and thanked the Celebrant for willingly giving His life to us.

We may not worshipping Santa Claus but he is clearly the star of the season. He is everywhere and become the symbol of this holiday. So why it is that Santa Claus is getting the attention?

Santa Claus is adaptable for every nation and belief.

Christmas or the holiday season is celebrated all over the world in this generation whether Christian or non-Christian. Commercialization is one of the big reasons. The Christmas spirit is another, which is love and giving, and the ‘feel-good’ thing. And to make the season adaptable to everyone, Jesus must be replaced and Santa Claus is the safest replacement to be an icon. He has been the symbol of giving. He doesn’t prefer specific religion. He gives gifts to all the children all over the world. And most important of all, he is not a leader of a religion. Santa Claus is a harmless figure, making him eligible as a universal symbol of Christmas.

Believing in Santa Claus is harmless

Santa Claus was supposed to be a figure, someone who spreads the happiness, the joy, and the spirit of Christmas. But if someone or something replaces God or Jesus, it becomes wrong.

Santa Claus has all the qualities that supposed to be possessed by Jesus and God only.

  • Santa Claus knows everything. He knows who’s good or bad.
  • Santa Claus gives rewards to those who’ve been good.
  • Santa Claus can be in many places at one time or in short period of time.
  • People can wish for something on Santa Claus for Christmas.
  • Santa Claus is called Father Christmas.
  • Santa Claus gives the spirit of Christmas
  • Santa Claus has become the symbol of Christmas.

Who is Santa Claus?

Saint Nicholas

Santa Claus has many names. The famous ones are Saint Nicholas and Father Christmas. Santa Claus originated from Saint Nicholas, a Catholic bishop of Myra in Turkey. Saint Nicholas is known for his love of giving gifts to the poor.


Odin is one of the sources of the character of Santa Claus. Odin is a god in the early centuries in Germany. There were writings about Odin riding in his eight legged horse in the air on Germanic holiday of Yule, in which the greeting Yuletide season came from. Since it is not a Christian tradition, it is considered as pagan.

Traditions say that children would hang their boots and stuff it with sugar, carrots, and straw on the chimney to feed Odin’s horse. For this kindness, Odin will replace the food with gifts in return.


Sinterklaas is also Saint Nicholas in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxemburg. He resembles the modern Santa Claus with white hair and beard. He is called with many names such as ‘The Good Saint’, ‘The Christmas Man’, and ‘Father Christmas.

I’m wondering why parents, especially on the western countries, are so eager to make their child believe in Santa Claus and less enthusiastic in teaching about Jesus in their children.

Santa Claus is not the only replacement for Jesus as a symbol of Christmas. Jesus is also competing with shopping, gifts, parties, decorations, food, vacation, and things that would make us happy. We misinterpreted Christmas as the time to love, to give, and the time for us to be happy. The funny thing here is Christmas is not for us, and neither for the kids. Christmas is for the Celebrant. And love and giving should be done the whole year.

Let us celebrate Christmas the right way, which is praying to the real Father for His love to us by giving His only Son. We must not let any gatherings or events pass without praying and giving thanks. Let us bring back the glory to God.


Information and images by: Wikipedia