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As a musician, I would like to promote music as another way of worshiping. Music is cool. Music in worship is way cooler. God Himself like and promote music as part of our worship in Him. As a mater of fact, God so like music that in heaven, we will sing praises and play musical instruments! God will even use trumpets to announce Jesus’ return to the earth!

I would like to start a series of articles about worship music. We will tackle the importance of music in our worship and even in our everyday life.

As you can notice in the Bible, music has been a part of it; from Genesis to Revelation. The people of God not only used music to worship Him, but also in battles, celebration and mourning. There are lots of Bible verses that supports that music’s big role in the Bible and worshiping. I will just give you some useful site to make this post shorter:

These two useful sites will provide you Bible verses that mentions music. As you can see, when you go to these sites, there are lots of Bible verses that pertains to music.

David and Solomon are one of the famous musicians in the Bible.

As we all know, music came from God. And to acknowledge this wonderful gift, we should give thanks by giving it back to Him (i.e., using our talents to worship Him (e.g., singing praises and playing music instruments).

Music has been a great tool to spark emotions and to inspire. Famous worldly musicians made a lot of money because they inspire and ignite emotions of millions of people all over the world. We buy their songs and albums because we feel good just by listening to their music. It makes us inspire too to do activities such as driving, exercising, and other activities. Science even says that music, specifically rock, can fuel us and give us energy for exercises.

Since it was proven that music is a great motivator, why don’t we use it in our worship. Music can spark our emotion or readiness before the preaching. Music can help us to influence other people too if we are bringing them to our church and show them how wonderful and exciting it is to be a Christian.

Worship doesn’t have to be boring. Let us sing praises to Him and play music in worshiping Him. Let us offer to Him our talents. It all came from Him.

There are lots of internet resources that you can learn to play musical instruments. YouTube is a great a great resource of instructional. But there are sites that provides us music resources that specializes in Christian music. They give you videos and materials such as music/song pieces, and encouragement and motivation to play for God.

Here is a one wonderful site that I recommend for Christian musicians:

Next post, I will provide you more sites and resources that could help you to play music for our Lord.