Have you ever noticed that there is already a preview or a simplified demonstration of what is Jesus’ salvation before His crucifixion?

It is when He was tried by Pontius Pilate and the Jews are screaming death for our Lord. When Pilate was running out of excuse to acquit Jesus (because he can’t see any fault in Him), he made the crowd to choose between Jesus and the next in line in crucifixion, Barabbas.
Barabbas is a notorious (notable – Matthew 27:16) prisoner who were the one supposed to be crucified in that day.

That day is the feast of the governor and there is a Jewish custom that one prisoner will be freed every celebration.

Pilate used that opportunity to free Jesus by making the crowd choose between Jesus and Barabbas, thinking that it will be a land-slide vote for Jesus for freedom.
But on the surprise of Pilate, the crowd chose Barabbas to be freed and Jesus to be crucified.

This moment or scene is a simple demonstration of humanity’s salvation through Jesus.
Jesus, being the sinless and pure, whom Pilate have never seen any fault but instead kept on marveling on His words and answers, has been exchanged for the place of Barabbas, a notorious, sinful prisoner who was about to be sentenced to death.

Instead of Barabbas being crucified because of his sins and violations of the laws, it is Jesus we saw at the cross that day.

Instead of us whom will be punished in the end, it is Jesus who received the punishment from sins He didn’t committed and died.

Each and everyone of us is a Barabbas who were exchanged place and saved by Jesus from death.

I am a Barabbas; a sinner and not worthy to be saved from death, and yet,it is Jesus, sinless, who died in my slot on the cross.