writerEach and every one of us has skills and talents. Because I like learning and I like to explore, I was able learn several skills. I can play music instruments (guitar, keyboard, drums and bass), I can take good photos, I can write, and I know how the internet works.

I had several dream jobs before I became an internet worker. I aspired to be a musician. But the type of music I play doesn’t fit in my faith. So I let go of that dream and decided to create a new fate. Although I really like to be a rock star, but I believe that God’s desire should come first. I also believe that God will guide us if we would prioritize His will, which is what He did for me.

When I discovered my love for the internet, I found a new path. With my desire and newfound talent, I took this course.

I also learned that being a writer and a marketer, I could use my talent, knowledge and skills in the service of the Lord. I could write about my faith and share the Gospel to other people and promote the Father and Jesus to unbelievers. (I believe that the best way to promote God and Jesus is not through writing but by reflecting Jesus in our lives.)

As I use my talent, time and energy to promote products and services, I must use more of it to promote God.

I also make sure that I use my other talents to serve Him by playing music instruments in worship services. I could also take photos in church events if asked, and I could shoot photos of nature to help show God’s power and creativity.

I believe that we must find ways to serve the Lord in everything we do (Colossians 3:23). Of course, we must do His will first before we could be able to serve Him. If we do something out of His will, it will be impossible to serve Him. The first step on serving Him then is to do His will.

How about you? What do you do right now? Have you already found a way to serve Him through your talents, knowledge, and what you do?


image by: lolroflmao.com