Today, I saw someone I know with his son. We’re not that close so if ever we’ll see each other, we’ll just exchange nods.

The thing is, this guy is involved with drugs. Yes, that illegal thing. Not on pharmaceuticals. I was never involved in these things (believe me) but I know people who are. But what I would like to focus is that these guys, although involved in illegal businesses, are gentle with their kids. I get even surprised whenever I see these guys, feared by society because of their business, enemy of the law, but show kindness, gentleness, and love with their kids.

And just today, I saw this guy how he treat his son. What I saw was a very contrast to what I’m seeing sometimes in guys or parents whom I didn’t know but shows unkindness and sometimes unreasonably physically hurting their children. As a parent who love my kids (we have one and another one coming next month), I get shocked and I can’t understand how can they mistreat their children.

Yes, I have to mention repeatedly their contrasting attitude and behavior of being an outlaw and a loving parent; fathers who are involved in drugs and love their children. Because this moment reminded me of what our Lord Jesus said in Luke 11:13 – “If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him?”

Darth Vader and LukeThis is a good logic from our Lord. We know that God is good and we always say it. God is also love and just. If we being wicked and imperfect knows how to love and give good things to our children, how much more our perfect God?

When our Lord Jesus spoke these words, He was referring about asking to God. He is encouraging us to ask God our needs and wants. He even encourages us to be persistent in our request by giving an example in the preceding verses by telling of a story of a man asking his friend for a bread in the middle of the night. The man being asked don’t want to get up because he’s already in bed and keep giving excuses but the man asking won’t leave until he get what he wants. And guess who gave up? Read this in Luke 11:5-8.

And the following verses in Luke 11:9-12 are what will happen if we ask in God.

And for me, the verse Luke 11:13 is also applicable as a reminder whenever we worry for our needs and future. Although our Lord Jesus Christ already taught us not to worry in these things in Matthew 6:25-34, the Luke 11:13 passage is a strong guarantee that God will give us all we need.