everyday miracles

Do you know that miracle happens every day? Actually, it happen every single breath! It’s just happens so often that it become so ordinary that we ignore it. God is so good to us that He intervene in our everyday life. I could liken miracles into love. We are so used on someone’s love that we take it for granted.

Miracle doesn’t have to be as grandiose as the parting of the sea (Exodus 14:21) or as supernatural as walking on the water (Matthew 14:22-33). It can be as ‘ordinary’ as arriving at home safely every day, staying healthy, having a new-born baby, a life changed after evangelism, being awake (alive) every morning, and being able to breathe every second.

These miracles have become the norm of life because science has conditioned us that this is what life is supposed to be and this is how our body and nature works. We ignore the truth that the hands of God are behind these natural activities of nature.

Even in tragedy or in accident, even though we were still hurt or affected, we must be able to recognize miracles in these incidents. Just because we were hurt or bleed doesn’t mean God doesn’t protected us.

What makes me thank the Lord every time I get into accidents (I’m a bike rider), is that I always think that things could’ve been worse.

I consider miracles as another form of God’s love to us.  It is a sign that He cares and He’s in control of everything.

Why don’t we acknowledge every single day again as a miracle or a blessing from God? He is the reason that after a long day of work, we are able to return on our home and spend (a precious) time with our family. And in the next day, another miracle awaits; we wake up, have a fresh body and mind to face the challenge of the day.

We must learn to thank Him every morning that we’re able to wake up and live and experience another day, and in the evening that we survive the day. In our chaotic society, it is truly a miracle to survive each day.

I added a category on this blog with a name Miracles. I will try to recognize every miracle that will happen to me and share it with you.

How about you? What are your miracles for today? You can share your miracles and be a witness of God’s love.


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