Jesus savesI would like to comment on an article I read about Jesus’ death. The author is an unbeliever and he said “I never asked Jesus to die (and neither did they).” He stated some various points and I would like to comment on each of them. The whole article can be read here:

I Never Asked Jesus to Die (And Neither Did You)

Vicarious guilt

They felt the crushing guilt of having a man’s death on their conscience.

When I watched the film (The Passion of the Christ or every time I was reminded of Jesus’ death), I cried not (only) because of the guilt but because of the thought of someone loves me that much. Someone love me so much that He’s willing to sacrifice His life for me, even though I’m not worthy.

I mean, who am I to be sacrificed for? I’m a sinner. In our terms, I lie, I cheat, I have unclean thoughts and desires, etc. (the list is long). But He, righteous, still wants to be with me. I supposed to go to hell when I die. But instead, I will now spend my eternity with Him.

The tears I cry are not tears of guilt but tears of joy.

…it has been ordained that every child born would have the stain of their sin—a stain that can only be cleansed in Christian baptism.

A baby that dies before baptism is sent to limbo. Since they have no sins apart from the Original, but did not receive salvation, innocent babies are sent to this no-man’s land outside of Heaven, Hell, and Earth. (Incidentally, limbo as a doctrine is not an official Catholic teaching. It remains a “theological hypothesis,” one of the most bizarre contradictions in terms ever produced by the human mind.)

It is a sad thing that the author is misguided. This teaching is not a Christian doctrine. A child doesn’t have sin. We all need salvation because we are naturally born sinners. Not that we are born with sins but it is in our nature to sin.

A child who died will automatically go to heaven. Jesus himself said “…for of such is the kingdom of heaven”. – Matthew 19:14 Child baptism and limbo is nowhere to be found on the Bible. These are Catholic teachings and not the Bible teaching. For your information, Catholism is not Christianity.

…if you are not saved by Jesus in his religion, whatever the case may be (even for geographically isolated tribes and mentally challenged humans), you are going to suffer somehow.

This is nothing but a malicious statement. The author clearly didn’t do his research first before expressing his idea in this sensitive matter. As God will own all the children and will not be answerable for their mistakes, this is also the same for mentally challenged people. As a human who’s sinful and have limited understanding, will forgive such a person, what more of a perfect God who created us? As for the people who have not heard of Jesus, we will leave their fate to God.

Holy blackmail

It is this strange and extreme case of emotional blackmail, where God will condemn you if you do not love him…

Well, what do you expect? Is there anyone who loves you in spite that you hate them and mock them? Is there an existing company that would support your living even you hated them and spread a black propaganda against that company? We all want it. But it’s not how it works. God is understanding, but not stupid.

For me, since God created everything, He has the right to do what He wants, this includes the way He wants to be worshiped.

As an owner of the house or the land, I will not accept a person who does not accept me back (or love me.) I will not let them on my land or inside my house if they don’t accept me and much more hate me. And I believe this is my right.

It is clearly not a blackmail. We have a choice. Although we are only creations but we were given a choice. It is just funny (or hilarious) that we disobey or reject Him and yet we still blame Him for the consequences.

I never asked Jesus to die, and neither did you.

Yes we did not. But it’s like saying in your parent’s face, “I didn’t asked to be born”. Would you say these words to your parents? If you already have a child, you know it will struck deeply in your heart. I know it because I already have a child whom I love so much. I love him so much that I’m willing to give my life for him anytime without being asked. And I’m sure he will be grateful because he loves me too. That is what a good relationship like between a parent and a child.

Aren’t you grateful that your parents willingly raised you and took care of you while you’re growing up, without being asked? Aren’t you grateful for them that you are schooled, without being asked for it?

You’re right, I didn’t asked for it. But the difference between us is that I’m grateful for what He did for me. And guess who’s worthy to be with Him? Not because I’m more righteous than you. You might be even better than me. But it’s but because I appreciated what He has done for me. And I believe He deserves not only my worship but also my love.

We love Him not because we were forced or blackmailed, or brainwashed or whatever you call it. We love Him because He loves us first and what He did for us. I’m not just talking about Jesus’ death. God is so good that He already prepared everything before He created us.

This is called gratitude and love. This is just normal to people who love each other.