Last time, I wrote about Christians having problems. I portray it as a storm. I made an example from the verse of the Bible: Matthew 14:22-33 which tells the story of the Apostle Peter when he walked on the sea with Jesus.

The article’s goal is to recognize faith as our lifeline in the midst of our problems. Right now, let’s discuss about the big “D” whenever we Christians are facing problems. I’m talking about Doubt. Whether it’s external or internal, it’s both dangerous and destructive.

What I mean about external and internal is that when doubts comes from other people or from within.

Let me explain more of this.

For example, on our Christian life, there are (lots of) times that we are faced with big problems such as misfortunes like bankruptcy, losing a job, accidents, desertion, and the list goes endless. These problems can raise questions and doubts both from other people and from our own selves.

People, including ourselves, will start questioning our faith and doubt whether our faith is the real thing. You might hear people say, “Those things will never happen to him if he’s a true Christian” or “It happened to him because he belongs with the false church”.

There is also another reason for these problems and this can be a correction from God. God is like a parent who spanks His children whenever we do something against His will.

While these might be true, but not all misfortunes are products of negative causes. This could be a test from God. It could be that your faith is so strong that God or the enemy is testing your faith. Remember Job?

Just because a person is experiencing problem, doesn’t mean he did something wrong. In fact, it could actually mean that he’s a strong faith and a significant individual for God.

The Bible tells a lot of stories about Christians and God’s people who experienced life threatening problems.

The most famous Bible character who experienced great torment is Job.

Job was described by the Bible as “perfect and upright, and one that feared God, and eschewed (avoided) evil.” – Job 1:1. Job is probably the richest man in his land and has a perfect, large family. His life is perfect.

Job lost all of his business, his livelihood, and his sons and daughters in just one day! He also lost his health and gained the worst disease a person could ever have.

Other famous Bible characters with the same situation were Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.

They were faithful men of God who were thrown on a fiery furnace in king’s order because of refusing to kneel on the king’s idol.

These two examples of Bible stories concluded on a victorious ending.

God was so pleased with Job that He healed Job from his disease and gave new children. He also gained a large livestock and became even richer than before.

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego was not burned despite being in a fiery furnace and rescued with divine intervention.

But how about the ones who ended on tragic?

This kind of ending happened on lots of Jesus’ disciples and other early Christians. You can view the list of their names and tragic death here.

As the person experienced these misfortunes, does this mean he’s not on a right status, such as the right church, strong faith, and righteousness?

Sometimes God allows these circumstances to happen in our lives for us to have a chance to prove and to show our faith in God.

It is also the best platform to show God’s power. God uses his people to demonstrate His power to those who do not believe.

Instead of being a rebel against God, we remain submissive to Him and a blessing to other people.

A Christian church, as oppose to what unbelievers perceive, is not a perfect place.

There are rumors, not only dysfunctional members, but stubborn too, financial problems, ungodly church leaders, ungodly acts, etc. and not all Christians are blessed financially. In fact, a lot of Christians are poor. Even the founder of Christianity lived a poor life: Jesus.

One of the things that prove that our faith and church is the real thing is our reaction to the problem.

Christians don’t panic. Christians don’t rebel. Christians don’t lose hope.

Christians are like gold. We only get better when tried by fire.