It is the ultimate scare. Everybody’s afraid of death and dying. Everybody’s scared of death because it is a total unknown status. We even associated death with gory, black, dark, spooky, and sadness. Although some of us have testified that they have been on the “other side”, and seeing the white light at the end of the tunnel, it continues to be an arguable matter.

If you stop for a moment and think about death, the first things that would enter into your mind are “How would it feels like?”, “Is it painful?”, and the ultimate question of all is, “Is there life after death?”.

Until now, these or this (the last) question has been remained unanswered. There is no living man has guaranteed an afterlife, or had a first-hand experience, other thanJesus himself. But Jesus, Christianity and the Bible still remains questionable to most of us. Believers of these three do believe in the afterlife while non-believers believe that life here on earth is just a matter of chance; life is nothing but a product of random activity.

After death comes nothing. It’s like as if you don’t exist at all. It must be worse than just sleeping. Maybe it feels like before birth, that you don’t remember anything before you enter into this world. If this could be the true system, then dying would really be scary and sad. And if this is the case, then I should be crying to death at the wake of my grandmother. Knowing that I won’t be able to see her anymore would be so painful, enough sadness to bear for a lifetime.

But this so called “afterlife” that was testified by Jesus gave me comfort when my grandmother departed. I believed, as a believer, and with having the same faith, we will see each other again soon. In the place where no more tears and sadness, a place where everything is perfect.

This afterlife is also giving me enough courage, inspiration, and strength to live every day, and go on even if the horizon is dark, the wind is cold, and the future is uncertain.

This thinking of death had given me some weird notion; that death is somehow exciting. Exciting that knowing I will be finally seeing my Maker. The thought of seeing the Father and Jesus makes me high.

In conclusion, as a believer of God, Jesus, and the Bible, I believe that death is not that bad at all. Instead, it is like a metamorphosis of a worm, dying, and waking up as a beautiful butterfly. That may be one of the best things to describe death.

However, there is a difference between ‘embracing’ death and ‘accepting’ death. Embracing death would be for suicidal people who are looking for it. Accepting death is for those who believe that eternal life is for them.