I like science. Actually, I like learning. And science is one of my favorite topics. I like discovering things, how they work and how they came to be.

One of my favorite channels is the National Geographic channel. It tackles clearly every point and topics they discuss. And to digest more on science, I like their shows about the origin of the universe or everything about the space (aside from Cesar Milan’s Dog Whisperer). I like to learn how the universe came to be.

Of course, we Christians have already the Bible that tells us exactly how it all started. But I want to know what science says about this matter. I’m an open minded learner and like to know everyone’s opinion. And as a Christian, we should not disregard science especially that they provides us technology for easy living, medicine, communication, and a lot more.


The Fairy Eagle Nebula

Although we can see some differences between science and Christianity, there are so many similarities and harmony between the two. Actually, based on my observance, there are only two aspects that science and Christianity view differently. They are the Creation (including the evolution) and the existence of spiritual realm.

I don’t blame science if they have different opinion about these two aspects because they study and believe on things which can only be seen. With the advance of our technology and knowledge today, they can even explain how we think, how our brain works, and why we experience certain feelings. But one of the things that they can’t prove yet is the spirituality, if they are studying it at all, and unless they discover the third heaven which the Bible tells where God resides.


The Horsehead Nebula

The Bibles tells about three heavens (2 Corinthians 12:2):

  • The first heaven the one which can be seen by our naked eyes when we look up. This is the blue sphere at daytime and the dark with stars in nighttime. (Deuteronomy 11:17, 28:12, Judges 5:4, Acts 14:17)
  • The second heaven is the one that cradles the planets and the stars. We call it space. (Psalm 19:4-6, Jeremiah 8:2, Isaiah 13:10)
  • The third heaven is where God is. This is the one that science haven’t discovered and reached yet. (1 Kings 8:30, Psalm 2:4, Matthew 5:16, 1 Kings 8:27, Deuteronomy 10:14)

The Creation

The Bible tells us about the creation of the universe. It can be read at the very first part of the Bible, the Genesis. While the Bible tells that the creation happened only within seven days, in which every aspect was created on a single day, science tells us that the creation has gone through billions of years. So is there any confusion here? Do we have to choose which to believe?

Christians already knows and believe that not all the Bible passages have to be taken literally. The Bible’s seven-day creation is only a symbolism. It doesn’t necessarily true that it happened within seven days.

And from what I observed too, the Bible and science tells us the same order of creation. Here is my comparison:

  1. First there was nothing (Genesis 1:1-2). The Bible and science tells us the same thing about the very beginning: there was nothing.
  2. There was light, the birth of stars (Genesis 1:3) In the Bible, God’s first creation is the light. It same goes with science which tells us that first there is the Big Bang which is the birth of the stars.
  3. The separation of waters. (Genesis 1:6-8) This is not the physical waters that we know today. It is water in the form of vapor that appears as worldwide thick fog that is caused by the earth’s high temperature. Science tells us that the earth was first a huge molten rock. When the earth cooled down, this gas became clouds and some became oceans.
  4. Land and vegetation. (Genesis 1: 9-10) this is the time when the earth cools down and the land slowly became habitable. The forming of the land from molten rocks. And as the land became stable and habitable, with the existence of water, the first life came: Habitation.
  5. Sun, moon and the stars. (Genesis 1: 14-19) these three had been created by God the time when He created the light. It is only the time when He made it visible on earth when the gas disappears on the earth.
  6. Sea and air creatures. (Genesis 1: 20-22) Now this one is interesting. Not only has it coincided with science’s creation but with science’s evolution as well. Science’s evolution tells us that life began at water. The water “gave birth” to the first living organism and developed to be a water creature. And the water/sea creature became a bird. The same goes with the Bible, first is the water, then the water creature, then flying creatures. Isn’t that amazing?
  7. Land animals and Mankind. (Genesis 1:24-31) another harmony between the Bible and science. At first, there were beasts and land animals. And then the first Man was born.

With the comparison I made, it is really interesting that the Bible written thousands of years ago coincides with the modern knowledge today! Science’s Big Bang theory was only perceived on the 20th century, while the book of Genesis was written 2,300 BC! It is humanly impossible to write an advanced knowledge without divine guidance.

Regarding the Big Bang Theory and the evolution, again, science only study and conclude from what can be seen. I don’t know if it is possible for science or man to physically see the Third heaven to prove the existence of God in a scientific way.

I may somehow believe in the Big Bang Theory. It is because it may be God’s way to start everything. For me, the Big Bang Theory may be true, but it is not the start of everything. For me, there is a God before the Big Bang.

Regarding the Evolution theory, it is still debatable. This topic still hasn’t been established. Science still lacks physical evidences to prove the evolution theory. Science knows the order of our existence. They just can’t conclude God because they can’t see Him so they have to look for a physical proof of our existence.

By the way, because I like studying the cosmos, I also like looking at the images of space clouds and galaxies. Looking at them makes me believe more that there is a God. You can enjoy looking at them also and believe that there is a God.


The Orion Nebula


The Andromeda Galaxy


White Dwarf

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<p>Ghostscript 24 bit color image dump<br />

Eagle Nebula


Mystic Mountain


HST Galaxy


Sombrero Galaxy


Galaxy Space