I recently saw this picture posted in Facebook. I can easily relate with the message and I can say that it perfectly explain why I’m doing these ‘crazy’ things.

I was once a person who doesn’t understand the service to the Lord. I was scared in the bible and the people who are dressed decently. But the moment I discovered His wonderful works and what He had done to me, I started appreciating His goodness and godness.

I started reading the bible and carrying it every Sunday on church. Then I also started receiving mockeries from friends, family, and other people whom I share bible tracks. They  call me ‘Pastor’ and a fanatic.

But for me, it’s all worth it. He is worthy of my love and worship. It is actually small compares to what He had gone through.

I started to take Him seriously when I learned that everything comes from Him including my life and the life itself. I may not understand why God loves me so much and that He’s willing to give His Son’s life for me but I guess it doesn’t matter that much, or else God will reveal the reason to humanity. What He stressed out on His days here on earth is revealing the Father and His kingdom, how to please Him, and how to be with Him through His salvation. And this salvation has to cost Him His life.

He spent His 30 years here on earth by teaching, healing, and accomplishing His mission. He bears the physical and emotional pain when He was tried and we shouted out “Crucify him!” He didn’t wipe us out with His power when we slap and beat Him. He endured the same fatigue, hunger, and the devil’s temptation that we experience during His ministry.

With these sacrifices, I guess He’s worthy of our few hours every Sunday; He’s worthy to be considered; He’s worthy of our little attention; He’s worthy to spent a little of our time. How serious you are to Him?