In contrast to common observation, I have this perception of Christianity and science as two similar and inseparable entities. You might think that scientific evidences discredit Christianity’s authenticity. But the more you study science, the more you’ll believe in the existence of the Creator.

The reason why I find Christianity and science as inseparable entities is that studying the bible will also encourage you study science in order to confirm its claims, the same goes with science, science doesn’t have all the answers, which in fact, the more you study science, the more you will ask questions. And by studying both, you will find out how greatly they complement each other.

Science and the bible are whether feared or taken for granted by many people. By the way, science right now means more on physics. Many people think that science and Christianity is irrelevant to our everyday life. While they are not used and discussed every day, we are also unable to use them for profits. People are usually busy with things that profit them. But little did we know that science and Christianity is bigger than life itself.

One thing I realized on studying the bible and watching the National Geographic (Naked Science and Known Universe), understanding the bible and science is like taking the “red pill”, that while you’re learning them, you’ll never look on life the same way again. You will know things that other people don’t; you know which really matters and which doesn’t anymore. Studying physics, the universe and Christianity makes Ferrari, Ralph Lauren, and all the riches in the world insignificant. That there are really more bigger things out there that matters more than your expensive bags, shoes, expensive cars, big houses, and your gorgeous appearance.

On the other hand, studying science alone can make you feel insignificant too. Looking at the vastness of the universe, we are but a dust in the universe. This is when the two differs from each other, Christianity is the completeness of science. While Christianity is way more bigger than science and the vastness of the universe, it identifies you as the most significant in all of God’s creation. You are so important that His only Son died for you.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. – John 3:16

I would like you to view the link below. Click it and you’ll have a glimpse of the vastness of the universe. It will let you view the smallest particle known to the farthest part of the universe. While it’s fun, it will somehow make you feel insignificant. (I love the background sound)

You can always go back to the bible and be reminded how important you are.

image by: Wikipedia