As we celebrate Christmas, the birth of our Lord, this December 25, have we ever wondered or questioned if December 25thwas the true birth date of Jesus?

I know many of you are already aware of this controversy, and some of you already have an idea about the facts stating against December 25 as the birth of Christ.

But for the sake of my readers, I will share the information regarding the birth of Jesus and December 25th.

First of all, I would like to inform my stand regarding the matter.

I also don’t believe that December 25th was the date when Jesus was born.

My first reason would be that there is no date mentioned in the Bible.

Second, the facts in the Bible don’t tell us it’s December or winter when Jesus was born.

Christmas is a celebration of Jesus’ birth. It’s a Christian tradition. And Christian faith is entirely based from the Bible. The Roman Catholic is the only Christian sect that states that their doctrine or a Christian doctrine should not only base from the Bible. (That is why they have hundreds of practices and teachings that is nowhere to be found in the Bible.)

Since Christmas is a Christian tradition and the Bible is the sole Christian authority, we should base our facts from the Bible alone. No contest with that. If you prefer references other than the Bible, then you are not celebrating the birth of Christ. You are just celebrating the holiday season just like the rest of the world that doesn’t believe in Christ.

It’s like celebrating Ramadan outside the authority of Islam.

Our Lord’s birth date was never mentioned in the Bible, and neither the time.

And the facts why I believe it’s not December when Christ was born are these:

Shepherds were watching over their flock at night. (Luke 2:8)

I don’t believe that there is someone on his right mind would let his flock roam on the field on a cold December night. Worse, if he will watch over with them outside their house.

The usual thing would the sheep inside the barn or coral.

The Shepherds watching over his flocks on the field at night suggests a warmer weather.

Another historical fact from Luke 2 is the decree of taxation of the Roman government and the travel of Joseph and Mary from Galilee to Nazareth.

These two events are unlikely to perform in winter.

A proof of considering traveling during winter is avoided is Jesus’ words on Matthew 24:20: ‘But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter…’.

Aside from the date that is not recorded in the Bible, there are also the Three Kings. The Three Kings are the travelers from the east that worshipped our Lord at the Nativity. The Bible only stated Wise Men. It didn’t mention how many they are that visited the child Jesus. The information of Three Kings also came from references outside the Bible.

So where did the December 25 and the Three Kings came from?

December 25 is originally a Roman’s pagan celebration. There are numbers of pagan events celebrated on this date but the most famous would be the Roman’s celebration of the birth of the sun god.

One theory of Christmas being held on this date is it was adopted by the Roman Empire as the birth of Christ to counteract the pagan feast. This was done to gain favor from Christians as Christianity was the newly favored religion in Rome that time.

Another story was that early Christians adopted the date to celebrate Christ’s birth because they are not favor of celebrating the pagan feast.

And stories go on and on….

On the other hand, The Three Kings were perceived to be rulers from Babylon (Melchior), Persia (Caspar) and Arabia (Balthazar). The names are believed to be come from known scholar men from each country.

Now, if God would look down on earth and will see the people celebrating His son’s birth here on earth, at the wrong date, adopted from pagan tradition, would He be delighted or furious?

December 25 may be a pagan feast and Christmas may be adopted from celebrations of pagan gods, but the date has become the commemoration of the birth of our savior and God’s only son, Jesus Christ.

The date was changed from the celebration of pagan events to the celebration of the real God.

From sun god to Son of God.

Christmas has become a celebration of God having sent His only Son to save us from our sins and hell.

Christmas has become a celebration of God’s love to us.

December 25 has become a celebration of God becoming a man to dwell with us.

Christmas has become a celebration of Christ giving his life for us.

I think God wouldn’t be angry if we celebrate and commemorate His son’s birth and acknowledge Him being our God and savior.

For me, the date is not important. What’s important is the Reason of our celebration.

Actually, it would be better if we celebrate the event everyday of the year.

The specific date is not important that it was never mentioned and given space in the Bible.