“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” – Romans 8:28

I would like to share to you a bit about my job and how I get into this.

I work online as a Virtual Assistant. It’s a freelance job with clients all over the world. Right now, I’m blessed to have a full-time contract with a fixed monthly salary. So it’s like having a regular corporate job but working at the comfort of your home.

You may say that I’m enjoying a very comfortable working lifestyle and I agree. I will not deny it. But before I got into this, I had undergone very heartbreaking experiences. And these experiences pushed me to pursue my path towards this career.

I’m already busy with my business when I heard about the work-at-home-in-your-computer jobs. I considered doing it so when someone offered me a project, I accepted it. But after a month of work, I didn’t get my pay. I was scammed.

I was angry and I self-pitied. I promised to myself that I will get money by working online so I pursued an oDesk (now Upwork) account. I didn’t failed. I can’t forget the feeling when I saw my money from oDesk on my bank account. My girlfriend then (wife now) even said, “so it’s true”, referring to the legitimacy of online career.

But another heartbreaking event has happened. It’s when I decided to let go of my business.

I love my business. I grew up in its environment because it’s a family business. I know the ins and outs of this business so I thought that with hard work, I will succeed. But after six years of hard work, frustration and pain, I gave up. The business didn’t grew as expected and the profit is not enough for my needs.

My family didn’t know but it was painful for me to let go if this business. It’s hard to say goodbye to my clients whom I became friends with, the lifestyle that I got used to, and the business that I invested my time, energy and dream.

All things work together for good

Blessings are sometimes wrapped with unfortunate events.

So I decided to go full-time with my online career. With passion, persistence, and hard work, I could say that I became successful. Aside from loving this job, it also provided me, and my family, our needs, and more.

If it weren’t from those two ‘unfortunate’ events, I would still be in my business, with tiring and stressful work and insufficient income.

If I was not scammed, I wouldn’t be too angry and disappointed to pursue oDesk. If I didn’t gave up my business, I wouldn’t be able to go full-time in this career and experience this comfort today.

Unfortunate events and failures are often blessings in disguise. Either there’s lessons to learn or better opportunities to take.

If you’re in God, you can rest assured that you have His hands for guidance and protection. With the Lord, nothing is unfortunate, failure, or even bad luck. For us, all things work together for good.